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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Once More, Thank you!

While we approach the end of this year and I begin wrapping it up, I'm again filled with gratitude for everyone who's been with me through it!

As it's usual, at least with me, things didn't go completely according to plan. It has been both less and more eventful than I expected. In that I couldn't do or participate in as many of the things I intended to, but was also met with more than I could have anticipated (delightful, terrible, mixed, and in between). All in all, it concludes mostly on a positive and constructive note, having made significant progress.

I'm truly thankful to those who believe in me and root for me, those supporting and assisting me, and those contributing in any or various ways. I haven't been able to be as present and engaged as I would have liked to, but you are not overlooked or taken for granted. (I'm just trying and failing to gracefully juggle and push forward to a point where I can give back more and better.)

Honestly, would not have been able to get anywhere near this point without your help. I may take my own credit, but I still see the ways in which you have patched and moved me toward higher and greater. And I'll continue to honor that in part by doing my best to stay on track, face challenges, overcome obstacles, minimize delays and detours, and keep my spirit.

Truly, thank you!