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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Points on Rootedness

 #1  To be rooted is to be firmly set and standing on grounds that support you. 

 #2  Rootedness may seem or even be restrictive, depending on how much freedom you seek or yearn for, but to those ready to stand in one place for long, rootedness is relieving, comforting, and even empowering.

 #3  You can be rooted in different types of things. It is something specific to you and the type of growth you are able and/or choosing to have.

 #4  Rootednes may be precisely what you’re lacking in prolonged periods of confusion and aimlessness. It can connect you to what matters and how to go from there.

 #5  Tracing back to our origins, we would find much of what will forever be a part of us at the root.