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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Fantasy, Charm, & Enchantment

How dreamy is too dreamy?

In a world of crude and crass realities, it doesn’t hurt to indulge in marvelous things. In fact, it alleviates the pain and suffering of it. Or at least this is the case if you’re born with an inclination to what is otherworldly.

You’d rather run or hide away than have to deal with more of the same that seems to be slowly but surely killing you. And while this can be frowned upon, chalked off as a disorder or disability, the story changes when it becomes a respected job - where what had you turning away from what’s mundane also has you forming an alternative that others can barely resist.

In fantasy, there’s more to things. This can become a problem if you let it make you into someone who is never satisfied or even appreciative of what makes you fortunate. But guided well, you can instead become an enhancer rather than a dismisser of reality.

Bringing fantasy, charm, and enchantment to what you do, is bringing magic to and through your work. Something many may be deprived of and in dire need of.

There’s the risk of losing oneself in it, not wishing to return to what’s dry and dull in contrast, but that’s something mostly to be managed by the individual indulging and not by who’s providing this “drug”. Yet, it is still considerate to not purposely make it so addictive (and even coercive) that it is sure to detriment others.