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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Points on Delicacy

 #1  Delicacy is a state of mind that you can access and switch to if you innately have it or have trained yourself to. You slow down and basically tell the rest of the world to wait. All nuance is now available to you.

 #2  There is the risk of losing your toughness and roughness when tuning into a more delicate side of you. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case; both sides can coexist within you though they may not be simultaneously active.

 #3  Being delicate is another of the gifts that can seem like a curse although it is a blessing in disguise. The more harsh and cruel the world around becomes, the more difficult it is for someone to thrive in this manner - but there’s still value in what you do.

 #4  Although being delicate can be considered a feminine trait, gender does not make it exclusive to itself. And depending on where, when, and how you manifest it, it can seamlessly blend with the entirety of you.

 #5  Certain things in themselves require a delicate treatment or they’ll break, malfunction, or simply not be optimal.