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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Familiarity, Comfort, & Nourishment

Being in your zone of comfort, where things are familiar, isn’t necessarily bad.
You may be deriving nourishment from it.

Maybe what you’re used to is not recommendable for you, maybe it is indeed something to move out and on from, and maybe it is holding you back from much better. You’re stuck there. And perhaps it is slowly killing you.

But this isn’t always the story. Sometimes we happen to land in environments that are enriching to us in one or more ways. Or we don’t have that fortune but devote ourselves to curating such a space for ourselves to at last be surrounded by what is best for us.

When that’s the case, leaving without return seems unwise. What is it out there that makes up for not being here? The possibility of challenges that lead to growth, yes. But should you be constantly on the go without anywhere to call home? That may or may not be for you.

There are things that you can do as a risk-taking wanderer and things that you can do while safely sheltered. And you can mix and switch between these two ends.

For someone with defined preferences, sticking to or at least often taking up what has proven to be beneficial to them, can make the entire difference between living a fulfilling life or not. But you must identify what that truly is, distinguishing it from what appears to be so but is no more than a detrimental addiction keeping you in a destructive cycle.

From there, you won’t feel so guilty about your “guilty pleasures”. Because they aren’t pleasures to feel guilty about, they are just pleasures that reward and treat you to what you need and more.