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Sunday, October 15, 2023

What are your Blind Spots?

You know what you know, but do you know what you don’t know?

Blindspots are the areas that, as the name implies, we are blind to. They may be blatantly visible to others, but you overlook them. In some cases, we may not notice what’s in them even when it is pointed out. Unless you illuminate the area for yourself, you won’t be able to see what’s there.

These blind spots can be outside or inside ourselves, separate from us or within us.

It is recommendable to at least become aware of their existence, if not get rid of them by perceiving what they encompass. So that you can proceed in a manner that reduces or prepares for potential risks. Pitfalls and more that may backfire can be avoided, too.

Furthermore, blindspots are vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the ill-willed. To someone versed in this, and familiar with mental mapping, noticing others’ blindspots isn’t too difficult. And they can be used to confuse and manipulate. Attacks through them can also be particularly hurtful and/or disabling. As though not knowing what hit you and how - being caught off-guard and unable to fend from it.

To those who take advantage of this, if not bright enough, playing or appearing ignorant or naive (or just dumb) can lead to their downfall as they underestimate how much the person is grasping while overestimating how much they are. People with overinflated egos are especially prone to making assumptions that ultimately won’t serve them and have plenty of blindspots themselves