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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Points on Desire

 #1  Desire is often conceived as the opposite of fear. As a force that, beyond reason, pulls toward an object. Whereas, fear pushes away from it.

 #2  Desire can be closely linked with lust. Thus, can be viewed negatively or at least with caution. As the behaviors it produces may be likened to those of demons or of the possessed.

 #3  Desire, while a powerful driving force, may be overruling. You do lose control of yourself if it is strong enough or you have little to no hold on it. It may have you acting in ways that seem out of character for you and that you may later regret.

 #4  Desire is also a vulnerability to those looking for what to exploit. It may be turned into an addiction that is challenging to break even when it is clearly more damaging than beneficial.

 #5  Desire, regardless of the many pitfalls to avoid when it comes to it, can still be something harmless or even conducive to positive and constructive things.