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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Past Halloween Costumes

I wanted to dress up for Halloween this year, but given a series of events, I won't be able to. Better luck next time!

What I can still bring, though, is a compilation of some of my past Halloween costumes. Some are simply a few things I quickly put on in the spirit of Halloween (better than nothing). But for others, I regret not having taken more and better pictures (to have the full attire and capture the whole mood) or going all the way with them (finishing up artistic makeup).

In any case, these are all characters that exist in my imagination. And I suppose are now out in the real world, too. This is one of the many reasons why I love Halloween - it's the holiday that prompts us to take on a different persona for the heck of it. And I love doing that!

I've gone as "Broken Porcelain Doll", "Ghost", "Dark Pierrot", "Pirate", "Witch", "80's", and much more.

I'm so glad that there's not a limit on how old you can be to dress up for Halloween (and other occasions) because I'd like to keep doing this for as long as I'm here!