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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Points on Mysticism

 #1  Mysticism, though may sound superstitious, is indeed a real phenomenon that encompasses observable traits and behaviors. However, as they are more abstract and subjective than concrete and objective, they can be missed by those more inclined to the latter.

 #2  Mysticism, mystics, and mystical experiences relate to the perception and comprehension of what’s beyond the obvious and can be linked to concepts such as souls and the divine. Which may or may not be further interpreted and expressed.

 #3  Mysticism can be a state of mind. Some access it through the use of drugs, but they can still be reached through other stimulants that tap into one’s intuition and ability to shift perspectives and recognize extra layers.

 #4  The recognition of symbols and archetypes, as well as patterns, are typical ways to deal with and practice mysticism.

 #5  If you are gifted with the mystical, you are not necessarily a “magical” being, but you tend to be spiritual and have a heightened sensitivity to the fabrics of life and the energies that run through them. This can make you “psychic” and “prophetic” to some degree.