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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Conjuring & Transmuting

But isn’t that, like, magic? Complete fiction or illusory at most? It depends on how you look at it!

When we speak of conjuring and transmuting, we are speaking of two particular processes. These processes are often associated with the realm of magic, of unbelievable powers reserved for those who are more than mere humans. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be borrowed for more practical and common instances of them - whether to take something mundane and view it through the lens of wonder or simply to effectively communicate what is being done exactly.

When you’re drawing from within yourself and connected deeply with what could be various sources of inspiration that fuel you or even possess you, what comes out of that can be considered something you conjured up - especially if the specific measures and mixes are essential to the formation of it, had you consciously controlled them or not.

Similarly, transmutation is something you do. When instead of completely discarding what seems useless or even detrimental to you, you have it go through a transformation that turns it into something worthier to you, to others, or in general instead, and it is somehow an equivalent, yet perhaps an opposite, that is by definition transmutation.

In art, when engaging with one’s artistic abilities, conjuring and transmuting is not foreign. Artists seemingly forge gems out of nowhere and turn coal into gold. And it is magical to those who appreciate it.