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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Points on Ignorance

 #1  You don’t ought to know everything to begin taking action. However, depending on what you’re like and what you’re doing, there’s a level of knowledge that you must achieve in order to feel comfortable and confident going forward.

 #2  Knowing too much can be paralyzing. If at any point you feel overwhelmed by what you know, take the time to sort through the information to simplify it and be able to see and set a course.

 #3  Knowing too little can be fatal. Aim to prepare yourself with at least what is essential to your competence.

 #4  You shouldn’t expect to have no gaps in knowledge, even on subjects you know well and are turned to for answers. Be open to finding out that there’s something you didn’t know and adjust accordingly. It may be humbling, but stubbornly refusing to admit ignorance can be worse.

 #5  It can be a waste to attempt to cover every base on your own. Don’t be too afraid to count on others who can be trusted to provide knowledge.