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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

My Alter Ego (Or Just Younger Me)

Throwback to the version of me that got me accused of being a witch and hunted as one! This was as much of a troll as I've ever been. When I just went around doing whatever intrigued and fascinated me without pausing to explain any why or how. I still don't (and won't) explain myself at every step because then I would not get anything done (and it's not like I owe everyone all of my secrets either), but I at least bother to share a few things every now and then so I'm not constantly triggering people's fears and worries or letting their projections take over my reputation. I might still be paying karma for how I once delighted in making people confused. Yet, if you're an artist and that's your art, having disclaimers in the middle of it can break the immersion and defeat the purpose of the whole thing. Teachers teach, artists art. And sometimes art teachers do both.