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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Site Revisions

Quick update...

Focusing on detail-oriented tasks has been difficult for me lately, as I spent the past few months in emergency mode and cannot simply switch that off with a flick. But revising the site before the new cycle starts is still something I programmed myself to do and ought to do.

This was supposed to happen during December, but I've had to stretch it out across January and February as well. I've been looking into the articles I posted last year, which I had to rush, and correcting and completing them - bringing in graphics I left out and more. The empty pages and sections, too. I'm making content for them to have before the new cycle. But I'll have to leave the ones for artwork empty and fill them up throughout the year. And any code problems or broken links I find, I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

This is me slowly but surely improving and enhancing UI/UX for y'all. I'll likely be doing this (and more if I can fit it in) during every end of the cycle. Yet, it is also possible that I'll be able to make some time for this through it, too.

For now, again, thank you for your patience with any errors or shortcomings you might have come across!