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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Reminders for The Journey

Be sure to get rest and have your primary needs met. Life, the world, and everything will be heavier and more threatening otherwise. 
Have a clear vision and look ahead. You will be lost and vulnerable to others' wills and doubts if not. 
Make the time and space you require to make your art. Others cannot always guess and guard that for you. 
Look for what may be blessings in disguise. Often, God or the universe sends us aid in ways we may not expect or even like. And sometimes opportunities lie even in our enemies' attempts to deter or destroy us. 
Be careful what you wish for. The entire package it comes in could be more than you believe you signed up and are ready for. 
If you indeed are a good person aiming to do good, seek and maintain power. It is not only your right, but also your duty - as it will allow you to be and do more. 
Do not attach yourself to narratives, commit to truth instead. Upholding and holding onto illusions will not really solve the problem. 
Be reliable and reciprocal to genuine friends and allies. You wouldn't have come this far without them and you wouldn't get much further without them either. Plus, they deserve that and more.