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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Personal Development: 5 Traits to Stand Out

Many can get by and even get far with only one or two of these traits. But the more you have (and the higher they are), the better. These are traits that can help you excel and maintain your position in demanding situations. They are also traits that you can, on certain occasions, lean on when falling short in other aspects.

• Reliability
This means no lies, no false promises, no faking for convenience, but showing up as someone who can be counted on and being so. In this same vein, no flaking if you can help it. Drop excuses. This might mean that you will have to get it together and become stable enough to be firm and supportive. Avoid offering more than you can or will deliver. People tend to appreciate being told just how much they can expect from you rather than be left hanging for something that never came, even if it's not as exciting. 

• Accountability
Guilt, shame, ego and all that it comes from it can get in the way of being accountable for yourself - of recognizing, admitting, correcting, and compensating for your mistakes and shortcomings, as well as your wrongdoings. Ironically, it is often assumed that this will cause you to lose respect but, in front of respectable people, it is quite the opposite. Because they can already see how you're failing and they're waiting to see if you'll see it too and do something about it or not. And being in denial after it is brought to your attention will make it even worse. Furthermore, accountability puts you on a path of constant improvement that pushes you forward.

• Trustworthiness
What are your values and principles? Have you thoroughly revised them to properly form the beliefs that you're guided by? Do you believe in honesty, sincerity, genuineness, and authenticity but at the same time know that things aren't always black and white and certain circumstances require you to reason beyond them in order to do what's right? Can you abide by what you've sworn or are you tempted to betray? How able are you to say no when you should?

• Craftmanship
Of course, competency matters too. You must strive to do your job well and continue to take it to the next level. Although it is important to have virtues outside of this, you're likely to be forgiven much if what you do is done so well that it's worth it. It is not that you can't ever take it easy or be simple about it, but that you have and meet high-quality standards when you ought to. What these are depends on the purpose of what you do, so they may or may not be as evident and wildly differ. Tend to minute but significant details even when they're overlooked.

• Solidarity
Some may call it naivety, but it is essential for coexistence and existence in general. If you're only looking out for yourself, throwing others under the bus to get ahead, being no more than a leech whenever you can, not only will you be unlikeable (despite however you may try to mask it) but you'll also literally be a disease to the world or whatever environment you're in. And it's sad, but practicing solidarity isn't even as hard as others would attempt to convince you of. You can extend a hand in small ways, here and there, every now and then, and that's already working miracles. Be discerning and don't let others take advantage of you, but continue to assist.

Take a moment to reflect. What is lacking in you that could use some work? What can you work on personally developing now?