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Monday, January 1, 2024

Welcome 2024!

So it’s here! Another brand new year to make plans and prepare for. You can start any time but starting along with the year can get us an extra boost.

Personally, I’d rather not jump into much action right away. Instead, the beginning is my time to make plans and preparations for what will be the rest of the year - or at least for what I intend it to be, which may or may not happen precisely the same. In my case, though, it is more productive to aim at and push toward something than not do so at all because the future is uncertain and there are no guarantees. If you know me already, you probably already know this.

I am excited for this year! I’ve done my part in putting things in place so that I can do more this year with more ease. This is a year I’ll take as the chance to, at last, revisit some of the works I’ve loved the most in the art realm and attempt to make some of the works I’ve yearned to someday do. I expect it to be very art-filled. And ideally, bring back more of the magic that was lost as the years went by.

I’m immensely grateful to those who’ve helped me get to this point, where I can do what fulfills me. I wish you all a great year in which you’ll make significant progress in the direction that best serves you!