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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Relationship Hints

As part of the Relationship Hints Series, here are this year’s relationship hints:

• If your friend genuinely likes a person and is treating them well in the pursuit of their affection, you’re a lousy friend at best if you compete for them despite not even having stronger feelings for them.

• If you are in a committed relationship (married, engaged, or partnered) and experience attraction to somebody else, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re morally lacking. Sometimes we’re in relationships that are not the best for us or that have died out and sometimes we mistake chemistry that could be pointing to a different kind of relationship as something romantic. But you should still strive to act responsibly.

• Racism and classism are stupid and lame, pathetic even, but you’re entitled to have preferences. However, if you’re inclined to look down on others because of race or class despite being attracted to them, better keep it to yourself, leave them alone, and not come close assuming that they should chase you and convince you of their worth.

• Clear communication is indeed key. Even the most intuitive and empathic people aren’t absolute psychics. Learn to communicate properly.

• If you have to run matters through a congress each time you must make a decision, even if it is a personal one or one involving only you and another person, you should work on your character.

• See people for who they really are in the moment and for who they could authentically become by your side and/or with your support. Not as how you wish they will be for you.

• Your looks, wealth, and popularity don’t mean much, if anything, to someone who can love truly. They will, however, mean everything to fair-weather "friends" and social climbers.

• If you’re looking for an exact reflection of yourself, you’ll be missing out on personal growth and you might need to check your ego.

• If you refuse to be of help to others out of fear that they will only like you for that, what are you bringing of value to the relationship? The privilege of your acceptance and presence?

• Putting others down and throwing mud at them won’t make you shine brighter.