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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Is T.S. (Tinty Sun) inspired by T.S. (Taylor Swift)?

This music video was released a few months ago, but I've been waiting to bring it here!
Welcome to guard my site like protective jewels. But for real, I loved this music video.

I don't get tired of the Cinderella theme and variations of it. Especially after having had the misfortune of dealing with treacherous beings similar to those at the beginning. Loved the colorful clockwork dance, the castle with the dragons, that beautiful yellow gown with the T.S. hairpins, and basically everything in it!

If you're new here, you may not know my history of frequently posting relatable Taylor Swift stuff everywhere I go. It started with the irony of my life turning dramatic beyond what I was used to, but then it became a habit. To the point where it was as though I was often living a small-scale version of her songs. But that's one of the many things Taylor Swift excels at; she has a song for almost every kind of heartful or heartbreaking situation.

Yet, although I won't deny that I appreciate Taylor Swift's work and resonate with it, the initials (T.S.) matching is merely coincidental. I picked the name in the year 2012, maybe earlier, and noticed the match but didn't make a big deal out of it and kept it.

That said, at this point, it is fair to say that I am indeed inspired by Taylor Swift. I grew up with Britney Spear and NSync as my favorite pop artists and, ever since, haven't quite been anybody's hardcore fan (anticipating releases, following closely, getting merch, etc.). Yet, I keep coming back to Taylor Swift when something new is out. So, in this house, you may or may not stan Taylor Swift, but we certainly respect her!

Quite honestly, I'm glad that it is her who is dominating in music. I don't expect her to be Mother Teresa, but I've always applauded how she has stood for women, anti-bullying, and more. I think many people gloss over that when they decide to attack her. But it would seem that, at her core, that's who she is. Plus, she can be so quirky and modest!

On top of that, she is an extraordinary example of going against the odds and overcoming adversity. The amount of criticism and opposition she has faced is something I do not wish on anyone. Most of it is completely unmerited. With people missing the point, ignoring context, or expecting artists to cater to their every whim. Not to mention, the typical hate for whatever is popular. Makes me sigh, roll my eyes, and shake my head. But to each their own.

Personally, I've lost count of all the songs by her that have a special place in my heart. Either because they helped me through something difficult (life is easier with background music) or because they put words and melodies to cherished moments and people. Or both. They may even be gateways to points in time and space. For instance, New Romantics takes me back to something I never want to forget. And talk about castles again!

Chances are I will keep posting T.S. She'd have to descend from the heavens and tell me to stop 'cause I'm embarrassing her or something! Yet, rest assured, Swifties and whatnot, that I do it with appreciation. ♥