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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Family & Friends’ Support

Speaking of pursuing, I’m about to officially begin a new cycle of my life, one in which I embark on taking on more challenges and getting closer to my dreams. And although it may seem insignificant on the outside, it is actually one of the best things to ever happen to me and I rejoice in that fact.

I honestly would not have made it to this point without the support of my family (by birth and chosen) and my friends (in person and online). And I’m not ashamed to admit that! In the past, I was the type to be proud of accomplishing goals without anybody’s help, but that burnt me out and I realized that it’s not how I wish to live. Today, I feel fortunate beyond words to be able to count and rely on people that care about and for me - which I cherish. Not only does it help in what they personally do and give in contribution, but also in fueling me to continue to be kind throughout it all even when I am tempted to turn cynical and give up.

You all know who you are (if you read this). You would also know that you can, likewise, count and rely on me for anything I can contribute. This is a period of my life in which I am mostly filling my cup rather than pouring from it, but your generosity will not be forgotten and I look forward to when I can give back as much or more.

I have been given a safe and comfortable space to stay in while I study and work. Monetary donations that brought me much relief and wiggle room. Paid classes, courses, and books relevant to my interests. Electronics that make possible and facilitate my tasks (wider monitor, tablets, phones, microphones, headphones, etc.). Instructions and assistance in setting up, enhancing, and fixing things. As well as other priceless gestures such as being there for me when I am down and bringing me back up.

I honor all of this and am deeply grateful for it! So I get especially mad at myself (and at others) when I am distracted or delayed for no good reason. Regardless, I also have to thank them for their patience while I pulled myself out of a dark place and took my time figuring stuff out. For believing in me despite it all. This has allowed me to focus on my long-term plans and finally stop putting off what I wish for the most.