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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Relationship Hints Series

I’m normally reluctant to give out relationship advice because relationships are complex, delicate, and unique. And the advice may not be applicable to a person’s specific situation, which I wouldn’t know all the details of. Plus, there are too many F-ers around ready to falsely and/or superficially utilize relationship advice for their own selfish benefit and I’d rather not facilitate matters to them.

However, we’ve reached a point in time where legitimate, positive, and constructive values and principles are lost under all the noise made by those that do not understand nor appreciate love, but believe themselves in a position to dictate how to go about relationships. And I want to begin contributing to counteracting that.

This will be a series of articles, releasing one or more each year, on February 15th, after the day that celebrates love. For, as you may know, it is the basis for relationships, though not necessarily of the romantic kind. I’ve chosen this date to not interrupt the anticipation and eagerness prior to the day with any harsh or crude truths I may deliver. But even then, you are not obligated to read. This is for people who prefer to go into relationships without any illusions even if it is painful when they are shattered.

The article you can expect every year will be called Relationship Hints and, depending on what happens that year, I may or may not include additional ones for the date with a different structure. I’ll call it that to emphasize that they are mere clues, in no particular order, and it is still up to you and your own judgment to figure out where, when, and how to implement them. And you’re also welcome to think of and share more!

With all this said, let’s begin:
• 2023 // Relationship Hints