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Sunday, February 26, 2023

The Costs & Rewards of Pursuing Art

Whether or not you are willing to accept the trade-off of pursuing art is something to ask yourself before too long!

Art can be intriguing and fascinating. Enticing and enchanting. So meaningful and significant. It is rewarding, but it comes at a cost. At many costs, actually.

However, both the rewards and the costs are quite proportional to how much you put into it. If you’re only putting a 1% into it, then you don’t have to worry too much about costs (but don’t expect great rewards either). If you’re putting in more than 20%, though, I’d suggest paying attention to what you’re signing up for.

And no, when I say costs and rewards, I'm not referring to only those regarding fame and fortune - those aren’t guaranteed and there’s much more to it. Generally, regardless of area, art can cost and reward you in several ways. And many of these are just different sides of the same coin (i.e. you can’t have one without the other). But as you pursue art, and what it implies and entails, you will obtain capabilities, get opportunities, and increase your chances to make it through to what you set out for. Then on and on as you continue pursuing.

Pursuing art can cost you one or more of the following, depending on how far you go with it and how you go about it:
- Time & energy.
- Money spent on supplies & resources.
- Money spent on classes & courses.
- Money spent on events, works & merchandise.
- Peer approval & understanding.
- Mental & emotional simplicity & permanence.
- Ignorance & indifference.
- Complacency & conformity.
- Playing it safe.
- Steering out of hard, difficult, and unpleasant reflections and confrontations.

As for rewards:
- Impressive and bewildering knowledge & skills.
- Outlets for thoughts, feelings, sensations & more.
- Ability to materialize ideas, bringing imagination to reality.
- Making healing, empowering, and inspiring contributions to self and others.
- Alignment with your true self, your unique gifts, and your untapped potential.
- Developing and evolving views with nuance and literal or metaphorical accuracy.
- Broadened and deepened perception and comprehension.
- Spiritual awakening and advancement.
- Possibility of more than sufficient recognition and/or profits.
- Mastering your inner world.