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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

That'll be Me!

Hey, there! I figured I'd get a few selfies for when I'm out and about, doing my thing as TintySun. To have my corporeal form tied to my words and actions even in cases when I'm not present in the flesh. Something of an avatar representing me. I tried as best as I could to "capture myself". Although, being as multifaceted as many of us are, it could be somewhat challenging. Regardless, in my opinion, I made my spirit justice. Albeit through symbols and metaphors. If you've known me and my content for long enough, you can probably make all the connections.

For countless years now, lights and mirrors have been a theme in my life. Along with my tendency to hold them up for others and also find myself surrounded by them (being held out to me too). So, there I am. In the room of infinite reflections. My role in life appears to be closely related to that, too. And I'll gladly take it. I don't consider myself too harsh, but some would disagree. At least with myself, though, I'll be as ruthless as I can be, facing truths, without ending up curled up in a ball, with my psyche in pieces. I definitely don't recommend being within range if you prefer holding onto illusions. Because although I often break things down gently, I'll still break them down. Calling people out on their B.S. since the 2000.

There's more to it, of course. Not just about me, but about the situations I end up in and the people I'm surrounded with. Many of them are quite indescribable! Impactful and unforgettable, too. I wished for an intriguing and exciting life. And, so far, by my standards and preferences, I got that and more. So much more that the saying "be careful what you wish for" applies. At this point, however, I wouldn't trade it away. It has been as wondrous as it has been atrocious. But, moving forward, I expect more of the former.

Yet, all through it, a huge part of what keeps me sane is not taking everything too seriously. Yes, there are serious matters that are in no way laughable. That should be addressed with tact and consideration. To be tended to with the utmost care. And then there's the rest or what's my own to handle. Plus, I'm guilty of unhinged use of emojis to convey emotions when text fails to. So I couldn't resist taking these pictures. 😁

Bonus picture: I get Jail Time, too! I've lost count of all the instances in which I've been timed out. It happens.

CREDITS: These photographs were taken at SelfieWorld, in Acropolis, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.