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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Points on Polishing

 #1  There's only so much that polishing can do. No amount of polishing can save something that is poorly done. Sometimes you do have to start over.

 #2  If something feels or seems off or not quite right, you may be tempted to dismiss it. And if you do, it might still nag you. Take the time to fix it if you can or you might never be pleased with it. 

 #3  Beware of obsessively tending to details that don't really matter. And beware of carelessly disregarding those that do.

 #4  You can't always get your way. Energy, time, and resources can keep you from doing better. Come to terms with it and make the most of what you have. Later on, you may have more and be able to do more.

 #5  Revising and readjusting isn't something to be left for last. In certain cases, you must do it as you progress or by stages.