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Sunday, August 6, 2023

Points on Significance

 #1  Significance in art can be both subjective and objective, but more often than not it is subjective. Something personal and valuable to those who make it and/or to those who perceive it.

 #2  When something is significant to you, how it fails or succeeds at meeting other standards and criteria becomes pretty much if not completely irrelevant.

 #3  Significance can come in the form of acknowledgment, validation, solace, reassurance, restoration, encouragement, liberation, empowerment, enlightenment, transformation, transcendence, commemoration, recognition, and more. 

 #4  We easily move past and forget that which is void of or of little significance. Although what is of significance can be dismissed, denied, and not honored as it deserves, it is still something that becomes a part of us and that we carry with us. It remains there to be appreciated at any time unless shown to be illusory and thus destroyed. 

 #5  Significance rushes into and engulfs you. You don’t have to look too hard for it or force it through. It hits and clicks with you with ease. It may come unexpectedly and may even answer to wounds and lacks that you weren’t even aware you had. And if you were, you may not have not fully known how much they were affecting you until they were responded to.