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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Points on Ambition

 #1  Ambition and the absence of it can put people at odds. To the point where, to defend one's stand on it, the ego gets involved and attacks to the character are made. However, inherently, ambition is neither good or bad. what is tied to it is what determines that.

 #2  If you are highly ambitious, your ambitions will seem unrealistic or unlikely to most people even when they aren't. And unless you find it in yourself or surround yourself with people who believe in you, you might be convinced that they are and give up or become less invested.

 #3  Blind faith and unquestionable illusions can get you far. But skepticism and pragmatism can as well serve your ambitions if you don't let them sabotage you instead. 

 #4  Having great ambitions can be attributed to various factors, some more noble and genuine than others. And what may feel like an unfillable void, may actually be a sign that you're called to do more.

 #5  The child or childlike version of people usually have better access to what their greatest ambition is, because they get to explore and experiment while still having their options wide open. Furthermore, what they get into is seen with wonder that then makes it more special.