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Sunday, August 20, 2023

Points on Change

 #1  Depending on a person's situation and circumstances, as well as their own nature, change may be embraced or resisted. There may be valid reasons behind the latter, but quite often it can be reduced to fear and/or stubbornness.

 #2  Gradual and almost unperceivable change tends to be the easiest to implement. And as such, it can be quite dangerous too (grooming, brainwashing, etc.). You may notice the signs, but can hardly argue on them. In contrast, sudden and obvious change tends to be met with the most objections. As such, it would require force to push through until it is conceivable and there is acceptance. 

 #3  Change can be for better or for worse, accomplished ethically or not, smoothly or roughly. Being averse to change itself denotes an inability to process and adapt to new data or settings. Usually, due to strongly relying on, attaching to, or identifying with something. Alternatively, readily welcoming change without considering any implications denotes a lack of discernment and a failure to act responsibly.

 #4  At certain points, change is inevitable, and attempting to control and stop it is futile. In such cases, preparing for it would be the wiser choice.

 #5  Some changes are not reversible. You just have to learn to live with them. However best you can. Or see if there's a next stage to move on to.