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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

No Character Development?

Character can indeed be developed, it is not only a fictional thing, but you can't quite always count on it happening for real. 

Character, or personal, development only happens if you truly opt in for it to happen and are able to absorb and integrate it within yourself past surface levels - so that there is an internal transformation that transforms your external behaviors rather than merely "transforming" your behaviors. It should get to your core and change your values and your principles for the better, not just your beliefs on what is the proper (or convenient) way to act.

Unfortunately, this is a sort of depth that many cannot be bothered to reach or even have access to. So we are coexisting with people who might never quite be on the same page as you if you are in constant evolution. And it can get lonely. Regardless, it is still worthwhile in order to free yourself of crippling, paralyzing, and self-sabotaging wounds, ills, and misguidances that you could be operating under. 

In my case, it was character development that got rid of my 3-7 nightmares per night. Something I still count as one of the greatest achievements in my life because, boy, was I tormented by it. Along with much more that is allowing me not only to function better than before but also to have a clear conscience and a more fulfilling life. And I still have more to work on to be at my absolute best.

It can be discouraging and lower morale to be surrounded by people who pay little to no attention to this, but this is something that you can do for yourself and your loved ones regardless. Solving or improving on whatever it is that is keeping you from treating yourself and others well...