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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Luminosity in Colors

Then there comes how dark or bright colors, or a combination of them, are. Light is quite often taken symbolically. But in the physical sense, it is also quite significant. Light can show or hide objects and the details in them. It can hit and reflect off them. It can pass through matter that could amplify, intensify, diminish, block, or colorize it. It can cast shadows, weak or strong. And as it interacts, it may highlight, outline, or distort what is in sight. A play of lights is fascinating to look at in itself.

When it comes to choosing colors and how illuminated a piece of work will be overall, understanding how light works in the physical plane may be required, depending on what you're making or attempting to make. But also, before all that, you could decide whether it will be mostly dark or mostly bright. 

The moods and energies that darkness transmits can drastically differ from those that brightness does. Typically, darkness goes in hand with the unknown, the scary, and being closed off (may feel more intimate, too). While brightness goes with the evident, the amicable, and being open (may feel more casual, too). And when they don't, it comes as unexpected. They can also be compared as different realms. The inner and the outer or the under and the over. Either is worth exploring, yet one is more tempting to stay in for longer - what kind of creature you are will tell.

Interestingly, though, they're both made more intricate by having at least a bit of each other. Because, otherwise, you couldn't exactly perceive what is happening there. It'd be too dark or too bright to make many distinctions. You could opt to achieve a balance or land in a spot leaning more to one than another, all with your particular choice of colors.

You may as well play with the idea that one side can be more intimidating while the other can be more approachable, one vile and the other pure. Or appear or come across as such, whether or not that will ultimately be the case, as looks can be deceiving. And maybe it has more to do with how well something or someone can mesh with them.

CREDIT: AI-Generated Examples done on Leonardo.AI