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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Color Meanings

Since color is everywhere, for one or more reasons, it is useful to learn their meanings and what they’re typically associated with as well as what moods they tend to evoke. This gets jumbled up because there are similarities and overlaps between them, and words can fall short, so I’ll try to make clear distinctions between them.

Symbolically, there is power in every shade of color, although it is more often than not acknowledged for only the few with characteristics that we recognize as powerful under circumstances we are commonly forced into. But they all can be at an advantage or at a disadvantage, given the scenario.

White relates to rectitude. It may be attributed to purity, coming from innocence and naivete, but it is not necessarily so. This purity may have more to do with having revised and polished principles and values by which you’re guided that may simultaneously guard you or even give you immunity against corruption. White is often portrayed where there is celestial divinity and clarity so brilliant that it can be momentarily blinding. White evokes a sense of safety and sanity.

Black relates to the unknown (an enigma). Where darkness reigns, there is intrigue and an intensity that can be intimidating. It may be attributed to evil, but that is usually the projection of one’s fears. In the absence of visibility, you could expect the worst. Black is often used to show a void and what has been consumed by horror. Black evokes a sense of preservation - by any means.

Red relates to will. Often attributed to vitality and stamina, and rightly so. Impulsivity and potential recklessness. It is a force to be reckoned with. Almost completely unstoppable. Red comes up where there is an undeniable passion and a fieriness that is hard to extinguish. Red evokes a sense of danger (which may excite or scare).

Orange relates to resources. Having different tools and materials - and making the most of them. Frequently attributed to creative leadership, but I’d call it thinking outside the box and going further because of it. Orange is often where pleasure and enthusiasm are, as well as what stands out. Orange evokes a sense of possibility.

Yellow relates to confidence. And joy. But not just any joy. The liberating childlike joy that is free from inhibitions. Attributed to illumination, it also refers to wit and cleverness - or eureka moments. Yellow is seen where there is happiness and a vibrant disposition. Yellow evokes a sense of audacity.

Green relates to restoration. Mostly attributed to nature and healing, it may have negative connotations too. However, in essence, it speaks of remedies and medicine. Green is where attunement and nourishment are. Green evokes a sense of renewal.

Blue relates to harmony. Attributed to security and trustworthiness, it can also be about getting along or safeguarding that. False and detrimental relations won’t do. This is about reliability. Blue appears where you can or are invited to let down your defenses. Blue evokes a sense of sincerity.

Purple relates to mysticism. Attributed to mystery and what goes beyond. It is tied to wisdom and spirit. Looking into the abstract. Purple permeates that which is considered sorcery or merely esoteric. Purple evokes a sense of depth.

Pink relates to endearment. Although mainly attributed to tender romances, it is not limited to that. It regards what is lovely to us and how gentle that makes us. Whether that’s a partner, a friend, a family member, or anything else that can be cherished. Pink appears as what is soft and sweet. Pink evokes a sense of care.

Brown relates to practicality. Attributed to grounded and methodical work as well as the other side of that coin, which is a resoluteness that can come across as obstinate. As if stuck in its ways. However, it may be more about having made sure of the approach. Brown can be found where there are chores and the cozy rewards after them. Brown evokes a sense of responsibility.

There is more to all of them, but maybe this is enough to start getting to know them and what they bring in and out.

Colors are intentionally and unintentionally used to convey more or to enact a response. It is worth pointing out, however, that they are also at times used to pass as what is not, which would be reprimandable if done for the sake of or what could result in harmful deceit. Otherwise, though, they can be played with for a wide range of experiences.