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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Points on Existentialism

 #1  If you are born and wired to do more than just exist, you will be venturing into answering unsettling questions about life - about its meaning and purpose. These can shake up and turn around your world, but suppressing them won’t do you much better.

 #2  It is by searching for the answers to your existence that you are able to unlock and unleash awareness of yourself, people, life, the world, and the universe. One question will lead to another as one answer will lead to another.

 #3  Once your perception and comprehension of existence is expanded and refined, it won’t go back to how it previously was (unless your brain is impaired in some way). In other words, you cannot unsee what you’ve seen. Often, the reluctance to learn is tied to the fear of forever losing what you’ve already conceived.

 #4  Not everybody has a grand purpose. Not everybody is full of meaning. And that’s just the way it is. There’s balance in the diversity of it. So rather than striving to be at the top in these aspects, you can strive to make the most of your existence as it’s meant to and that could be rewarding enough for you (so long as you do not let others’ insecurities and projections get to you).

 #5  You may believe that you are alone in questioning as much as you do, but you aren’t. These are simply topics that are not normally brought up unless you dwell within circles that regularly and openly discuss such matters.