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Sunday, December 3, 2023

How Does Solidarity Matter?

Imagine a world without any solidarity. None. Zero. Would you like to live there? Could you even survive it?

It tends to be overlooked, but solidarity is what holds relationships, communities, and even societies together. Having the genuine desire to be helpful to the people close to you, to those around you, or to everyone you can. Being fulfilled when you are. Glad to make things easier or better for others, not only for yourself.

This automatically makes you a gift to the world - or at least to the lives of those you’ve shown solidarity towards. Whether that’s appreciated or not is another matter. And so is reciprocation. But ultimately, it is a deed regardless.

However, good intentions are not enough. You may have to look at what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, when and where, and for whom. And that’s a lot to consider. There are no quick and easy answers to ensure you’ll always get it right. But you can start by asking what you can do to help (to yourself and/or to whom it concerns). Then pay attention to what unfolds.

It is comforting to believe that the good you do will be returned to you. If not tenfold, then at least in the same amount. But that doesn’t seem guaranteed. It is true that goodness flows and goes back and forth, but sometimes it is sent where it gets lost or hits a dead end. It may reach a malfunctioning or disabled conduit. Perhaps one that twists or destroys it. This does not mean that you should stop trying, it just means that there are intricacies to take note of.

And if you’re somebody who is naturally solidarious, attempting to be selfish will kill your spirit. Instead, seek others who also thrive in solidarity so that you can be your best self.

There will still be people who’d rather compete than cooperate. And some friendly (or at least civil) competition is fine and can promote competency. But lending a hand, having each other’s back, and so on, can also go a long way and build competence as well.