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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Lyrics Carried Within (4of4)

And I finally come to the end of this little series of showcasing some of my all-time favorite lyrics that speak for and about me and what I'm for.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is a song I've always loved and don't get tired of. I could say it's #2 in my top favorite Christmas songs. I appreciate how sanctuary and community-like it is. And how fitting that is for this time of year! But beyond that, I love how, despite its sentimentality, it is still grounded enough to recognize that there's a chance that paths will diverge. Yet, although that may be saddening, it's taken with acceptance while cherishing however long they will be together. As someone who avoids sappiness but is undeniably soft for faithful friends, I wholeheartedly resonate.

The initial idea for this series was to simultaneously have it as something that would motivate me to get into the habit and practice dressing up and performing. And of course, give me a theme. As life got in the way, unfortunately, I couldn't do it for the previous songs. But, to an extent, I could for this one! I chose a black, white, and red attire that could resemble being some sort of assistant at the North Pole's Toy Factory. And well, close enough! As for the singing style, I wanted to experiment more to make it more whimsical but it's been a long year and I'm so terribly exhausted! I had to go with what I had already put together and could currently pull off. (Maybe another time I will make another cover!)

And so, I'll let my heart be light and have myself a merry little Christmas.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too! (If you celebrate.)