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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

So I finally got to watch this concert film! On December 13th, no less! Taylor Swift decided to release it to watch at home on her birthday and I'm so happy that she did! I missed my chance to see it in theaters, but I'd been wanting to watch it since the moment I first heard of it and upon seeing this astonishing trailer.

It's no secret that I greatly appreciate Taylor Swift as an artist. And from what I know so far about her, as a person too. So I was more than thrilled to enjoy this show from the comfort of my home. I knew it would be out-of-this-world inspiring and it was. You wouldn't believe how much, despite having gone a different route, I love performing arts and how fulfilling it is for me to witness it. And coming from Taylor Swift, there's so much heart, mind, and work put into it that it easily transports me to what I'd call a world of magic.

The fact that she combined all of the albums is so grand to me, too. I still remember the first time I heard You Belong With Me and how I thought it was somehow different from what I was used to but oddly catchy - and from there, the rest is history. I never got bored of Taylor Swift. I may not be following and keeping up with her every move, but I've been listening to her music throughout the years and am familiar enough with her work for this to be personally meaningful to me.

It is also quite bewildering to me because I remember so much from over the years and I hope I always do. I hope that my memory won't fail me because these are memories I wish to hold on to. There are countless special moments tied to songs that come back more vividly through them but also just moments of how it's been like to exist at the same time as her and witness (or catch glimpses of) her trajectory.

I remember liking her first songs while having no idea how big she'd one day be. I as well remember dedicating a few of her songs to close friends. I remember having my sense of wonder restored after having lost it almost completely because of how sentimental she was. I remember defending her from haters, offline and online, just because their arguments were so baffling to me. And then I remember purposely annoying others with her music because they were hating it for (IMO) no good reason (and sometimes I troll, I'm not saying you should too). I remember somehow entering the period of terrible relationships and drama and suddenly having too many of her songs fit (which was ironic to me). And despite not caring about famous artists anymore, she remained the one I kept wondering about as time went on. Ultimately, I remember hearing what I needed to hear right when I needed to. In between all that, I went from a casual enjoyer to someone with profound and immense respect and gratitude for her.

I also remember hearing her say, when she was much younger, that it would be lonely if she was in competition with all others. At the time, that amount of purity irritated me. But I'm glad I'm now where that makes perfect sense to me and I could not agree more.

I believe that, at this point, if you don't recognize Taylor Swift's genius and gifts, you're being a fool. Maybe willfully ignorant and in denial for some messed up reason. Though, of course, you're free to have preferences.

I had a grand and memorable day today as it was filled with outstandingly beautiful art. 💗