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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Points on Activism

 #1  Taking action for a cause is something to take seriously. Both your mind and heart should be in the right place. And if not, at least try to make that something to work toward.

 #2  Indignation alone is not a reliable marker for which behaviors should or should not be accepted. Indignation can come from different places and most of them are not virtuous.

 #3  There is no one single and only way to further a cause, but you must at least revise your approach for how productive it is and how well it makes use of your position (your advantages and your privileges). It is also fine to refrain from participating at times, though you may be reprimanded for it.

 #4  Things aren’t black & white, there is nuance and context to consider. Oversimplifications and extremism do not lead to progress. Not everyone can be perfectly thorough and valid in what they think and feel, but you can at least make it a habit to question and keep yourself in check.

 #5  Many causes are worthy on principle but eventually get highjacked by mindless and/or heartless actors that ignore (or even deny) what it was supposed to be. We must continually steer things to get back on track.