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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Points on Thoroughness

 #1  If you are naturally meticulous and perfectionistic, you won’t be satisfied with rushed (and likely faulty) work. There are times to be complacent regardless, but making it habitual will kill your drive.

 #2  You must develop patience if you are dealing with complexity, depth, and breadth while aiming for accuracy. Yet, remain active and not passive.

 #3  Not everything has to be a race to the finish line. If you’re putting in proper work at a reasonable pace, you may eventually have something better and greater that makes up for its delay.

 #4  Resisting the urge to settle for the illusion of grace and grandeur, rather than putting in the work for its reality, yields benefits you may find more worthwhile than what little gratification not doing so could bring.

 #5  Doing things superficially and/or narrowly isn’t necessarily going to lead to errors, but the result will be off if there happens to be relevant factors that you missed and failed to consider.