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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Points on Feedback

  #1  Receiving feedback from others can be beneficial even if you are highly critical of your work and naturally oriented to improve it. You will learn more about others’ tastes and preferences and possibly be shown issues that you overlooked or that were in your blind spot.

 #2  Although input, positive and negative, can enrich you, it can also enslave you. Do not become overly reliant and dependent on it for you could lose yourself and what was originally yours to make.

 #3  Praise, especially that which rubs and enlarges the ego, is a tool that can be used for manipulation in a dynamic that keeps you seeking it as a reward. Be wary if it seems to be serving them more than you.

 #4  Hearing about what is wrong, flawed, or insufficient can be painful or at least disappointing, particularly when aiming to impress, but you must train yourself to take it as an opportunity to make corrections (if necessary) sooner than later rather than as a definition of yourself.

 #5  Exercise discernment; not everything that is said about it will apply to what you are doing and trying to do. Take in what does, let pass what doesn’t.