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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Points on Rebelling

  #1  Seeking autonomy and freedom comes more naturally to some than to others. In some cases, it is not even a question and it takes little to no effort on their part to have this orientation. Instead, conforming and settling for the opposite, is where the struggle is.

 #2  Be warned. If you go against just any authority or rule for the sake of not being controlled, you are still not in control of yourself and can be controlled by others.

 #3  If at any point, you must lead, then lead. If at any point, you must follow, then follow. Just don’t expect others to do as you do merely because it is what you do.

 #4  There is nothing wrong with being a follower or taking a supportive role, abiding by the reign of another, unless it is harming you or others in serious ways and should be reconsidered. There are fewer valid reasons to rebel against a good and competent leader.

 #5  Do not mistake being needlessly selfish and disruptive with having the character and courage to stand and fight for rightful causes.