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Friday, May 19, 2023

I love Thoughtful & Meaningful Gestures

I’d been in the habit of posting many of the presents I receive from friends and family that I cherish, given that I've treated my site as a sort of scrapbook I can look back on and reminisce in, along with being yet another way for me to honor them. And although I’m taking a more focused approach now, it is not something I wish to leave out.

However, I should note that, unless I (childishly) make it obvious in my tone and choice of words, it is not for bragging (or humblebragging). I do personally cherish these gestures and, often, I like them, and aspects of them, so much that, for one reason or another, I must share about them! Besides, all taken into account, my circle is small and I don’t normally receive a lot of presents. But, I won’t deny that they do make me overjoyed - and who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

Furthermore, considering my mission, I concluded that this is relevant. Some of the presents I’ve received (and might keep receiving) are art, artsy, or picked out artfully. That or they in some way relate to art or the elaboration of art because that is what I’m into. They may, as well, speak of me. Plus, the act of making or choosing presents, and the many ways they can be packed, wrapped, and delivered, is something I’ll eventually be touching on. So, might as well start by showing my gratitude for them (with the givers’ permission).

I also give out presents. When and how I can (my budget is currently tight), but I tend not to post those unless there’s something I must illustrate with them. Who knows, though? Maybe I’ll eventually get into the habit of that, too.

So look at this cute gift bag I found to put in it small items for my bestie! I was holding on to a few and then got a few more before she visited, around a couple of months ago. She also ended up bringing me a bag full of a variety of items!

Anyhow, if you’ve been convinced to believe that giving and/or receiving presents is merely conceited, superficial and materialistic, consumerist conditioning, I’m here to combat that notion. It can indeed be like that sometimes, but that’s not all there is to it. And if you’re artistic, more likely than not, you’ve had the urge of doing something special as a gesture for somebody else.

I can’t promise I’ll be posting them all, nor that they will have anything to do with current topics (take it as a parenthesis unless stated otherwise), but I’ll be posting some every now and then. As soon as I get them or as soon as I get the chance to get sentimental about them. There are already quite a few I’ve yet to bring up, separately. It is almost overwhelming! But in a good way. I am deeply thankful. ♥