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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Guess I'm a Mom, too!

Before too long, just oughta put this here because I love how cute this treat looks.

Mother's Day is the last Sunday of May for me, here, in the Dominican Republic. And my mother, even though I'm only a Cat/Dog Mom and sometimes the Mom Friend, tends to get me little gifts for the occasion (this is only one of many waiting for me for when I visit). Which I find sweet but also amusing. She says that at times it's as though I'm her mom, too (long story short, she's the more energetic and spontaneous of the two).

I like to consider myself the "Vodka Aunt", but I can't deny that I do tend to step in as "The Mom" when the situation calls for it and I'm able to fill that role. Yet, I'll always be in awe of literal mothers that are exemplary nurturers, consistent and reliable. Y'all are the true superhumans and you deserve the best!

EDIT (6/15/2023): Got clearer pictures!