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Sunday, January 1, 2023

TintySun, PhantomShuffle, DarkSpectacle, HorrorStumble

Alright, all. It’s time to get going!

I’ve been asked many times what I’ve been up to and the answer is… complicated. However, I hope to be able to explain it to some satisfaction now.

I’ve been working on a few projects, from seed to gestation to birth. And they’re currently in their baby stage. These are projects that are closely aligned with me, my talents, my inclinations, my preferences, and my history (turned out quite eccentric). And after an absurd amount of reflection, I would say that they’re my purpose. I may be overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted at times, but they still move me tremendously. I searched for this for decades and I’m immensely relieved and glad to have found it!

They are 4. The main one: TintySun. And three sub ones attached: PhantomShuffle, DarkSpectacle, & HorrorStumble. I am fully devoted to growing them and growing with them.

“The Art School”
 Active  | Normal Paced
Regular content on Sundays @ 8:00AM (GMT-4)
& throughout the week.

“The Haunted Library”
 Active  | Slow Paced
Regular content on Saturdays @ 8:00AM (GMT-4)

“The Alternative Theater”
 Active  | Slow Paced
Regular content on Saturdays @ 2:00PM (GMT-4)

“The Unnerving Clinic”
 Active  | Slow Paced
Regular content on Saturdays @ 8:00PM (GMT-4)

They’re all interconnected while simultaneously separated, holding the content that I make. To learn more about them, check out their respective sites and stick around to watch them develop and evolve. I’m not spoiling what’s coming by telling you beforehand!