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Sunday, January 8, 2023

New Site Layout Version

As some of you may have already noticed, the new site layout is finally here.

This is something I’ve been intending to have for a while but had to work on it only bit by bit every now and then. So it took time. Regardless, now that it’s done, I’m immensely relieved and eager to make content for it!

I didn’t change much because I wanted to keep the essence of what it is and what has been. Vivid colors, wacky shapes, and whimsical forms combining into a workspace resemblant of a quirky scrapbook for class with a game-like interface. However, I did a few fixes, adjustments, removals, and additions to it to better suit the mission.

“It’s too complicated and I can’t find anything!” Take that as your entrance exam. If you don’t enjoy looking and poking around to see where things are and where they lead, then you’re probably in the wrong place. Fret not, though, if you really wish to be here, that means you’re curious enough and just need to tap into and free that curiosity more. With that said, if in the future a simple and clear page is required for any purpose, it will be made separately.

Furthermore, although I am quite pleased with how it is right now, I recognize that improvements can be made. In fact, I have more in mind to ease and enhance the experience that I will later implement. Plus, versions optimized for mobiles. (Also, make the code for all of it cleaner and more organized, even though that’s out of sight, because messes add stress.)

For now, though, you will notice empty or barely filled sections. That can be disappointing and frustrating, but I am committed to making content for them this year. And most of my old content has been removed (or tucked away), but some of it will be eventually and gradually reintroduced upon revision. So you can take them as pockets of inventory for what is to come.

New elements were integrated into the chalk blackboard on the back. If you can spot them, that’s… crazy. Nevertheless, it’s been an ambition of mine to at one point properly introduce and explain all of them. Meanwhile, know that all of them have personal meaning and are guarding and infusing this space!

As for the Messaging module, don’t worry! I’ll treat all incoming messages with skepticism (since anyone can input any name and email address whether it belongs to them or not) or as anonymous unless I get valid confirmation of the sender’s identity. Feel free to message me through it.

Lastly, fear not the Psyche area. It is there for the love of art and it will make sense in time if it doesn’t already…