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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Doing Breakdowns

Ever feel utterly overwhelmed or exhausted by a project or aim before even getting started? That can be discouraging and literally zap you off your energy (at least that which is composed of inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm).

So what do you do in this case?
You break things down into smaller parts or milestones.

The importance of breaking things down is, in my opinion, understated. There are people, out there, lethargic and listless simply because they haven’t been led to or aren’t taking the time to break things down into smaller chunks that are more quickly and easily achievable, that help give them a sense of progress and success toward the larger goal. I would know, I’ve been there.

It IS like they say. “Take it one step at a time, one day after another.” Or at least that’s how it must be done when you’re struggling to execute (maybe suffering from the so-called executive dysfunction) and haven’t gotten “in the zone”. Also, if you’re currently carrying an already heavy load or dealing with any debilitating conditions, you may greatly benefit from this. You know, instead of “biting off more than you can chew”, take small bites. Crawling before you walk, walking before you run, and so on.

And it’s okay if you consider yourself a more passionate and intense person, someone that doesn’t require moderation and is held back by it. If that’s working for you, keep at it. But if a time comes when, for whatever reason, you lost that, consider this approach. And who knows, maybe it’ll help you regain your full-on disposition.

Alright, so how do you do it?
I personally like to use sheets. And sometimes physical notebooks if i’m extra foggy and need to sit back and be messy with it. Though I would afterward organize it all on my computer. But there are countless applications out there designed specifically for this.

Type (or write) the bigger (or ultimate) goal, then segment it, and then segment it further. And further if it suits you. Arrange these by priority or order in which they must be done. Revise it a few times until you’re pleased with the breakdown. And get to it!

If the satisfaction of completing the tasks for each segment isn’t enough to get you going and keep at it, you can add rewards after each. Be sensible, though. Don’t overindulge, but treat yourself to something that would compensate. A snack, relaxation, or greater things, depending. This way it won’t feel as though you’re slaving away and might actually enjoy the process and last longer.

You can basically accomplish almost anything if you accurately identify what must be done, put it in order, and are patient and persistent. So, practice breaking things down.