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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Taking Nail Polish Meaningfully

I said I’d speak of this and it’s been a long time since then. But I still have things to say that I can't just brush away! (I won’t get to say it all on the topic yet, however.)

Being how I am, I could just paint my nails black all the time, and most of the time I do, but that can get depressing or simply dull (no offense to those who can stick with it for longer without issue, I can’t). Or I could keep within the red hues I’m used to and not have much else going on, which is not ideal. So, for real, unironically, I absolutely love that nowadays there is such a wide collection of livelier colors and even lovely embellishments in and for them. It gets so whimsical and sparkly! And it can definitely make my day better to have them on. You’d assume I look down on nail polish? Never! It is far from frivolous to me. It is magical.

That said, I got this set to go with the seasons and I’m so glad I did. Only for three of them, though. A combination for each. Please excuse me while I go off about meanings that I have personally attached to them.

• The 1st. Spring.
This season has come to pass and it was messier than I hoped. I stretched myself thin and was all over the place. Missed out on sharing in spring as much as I would have liked to. But I’m here. Won’t lose me so easily. It was a temporary chaos. One I’m barely coming back from but ultimately am. I wish I could have been around more, but I was consumed (and so irritable that a time off was required). Indeed, as disastrous as the respective combination of nail polish, flowery peach, turned up on me. Expected a beautifully blooming garden, reality gave me plants aggressively breaking out of the concrete instead.

• The 2nd. Summer.
For this one, I thought of the ocean. Water is often associated with feelings. How shallow or deep they are. How still or unstill it is. There’s the saying that still waters run deep. But you can have crashing waves in the deepest oceans too. For me, it’s like whether or not there is any visible motion on the surface, you can count on plenty of water being underneath. At least when it comes to what I love. When it comes to it, it has often worried me that it isn’t coming across to another and that they’d prefer to actively surf instead. That or they, unfortunately, come during a period of drought or after it has been completely poured elsewhere, so you’d have to excavate to find water or be the one pouring it in for there to be any. The scenarios can be sad. The overflowing of tears is yet another way in which water is linked with feeling. But I try not to drown others when I’m drowning, so you don’t hear the full extent of it. This nail polish combination is full of meaning to me, though it’s just shimmering blue.

• The 3rd. Autumn.
Starry purple. Where do I even begin with this? I wish I could claim clairvoyance or the ability to see the future in a crystal ball, but I’m only a play-pretend witch and can only test my luck, when things aren’t working out, to then know better in hindsight. And I’m definitely NOT a mind reader, so in certain instances, I practically beg for clear communication instead of mystery - as delightfully intriguing as it might be - or dreadful confusion. But hey, it’s autumn, where you go in, through mist and darkness, potentially fed up with the monsters, and find out. There are secrets to keep secret, and matters best kept private - especially while evil lurks. Though truths have a tendency to come out sooner or later, in one way or another. It’s a… complex season, to say the least. Also, If I’m put in a coffin and buried alive, I’d kick and scream for a while and then give up and accept my fate. Die a slow but quiet (yet frustrating) death as I go over and ponder everything. But I digress.

Crazy to connect this much to a selection of nail polish, but that’s how I’m rolling with these. Probably more will come up as I continue to wear them, in or out of their assigned season...