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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Transmiting your Energy vs. Meshing with the Ambient

Part of being an artist is having the power to impact and influence things around you with what you have within…

When you enter a room or arrive at a place, you can decide whether you will conform to the energies there or if you will inject and change them for the energies that you can bring to it. As an artist, your inner world may be one that you’ve carefully curated and nurtured, one of your biggest treasures, and something that you can give from to the world around you. As an artist, you tend to yourself, to your imagination, to your mind, to your heart, and to your spirit. And from there, you can draw and extract to bring out and contribute outside of yourself.

In this is a skill that can be developed like any other. To have the ability to affect the moods around you and consequently the thoughts and feelings that others may be having. In other words, you can make a sad room happy or a happy room sad. That being the case, proceed responsibly, sensibly, and at your own risk. But then again, if your role there is that of the artist, then it shouldn’t come as a shocking surprise that you’re directing the tides.

Artists are usually empathic; they can absorb the energies around them like sponges. Because of this, the immediate and automatic response tends to be to adapt to what the area is like in the moment and to reflect it back - perhaps amplify it. Which can be immensely valuable in various ways. However, since that isn't always the desired effect we want to have, it is important to be mindful and to recognize when we're being ruled by our surroundings and instead be conscious and make our choice to steer things in one direction or another, or to change them completely, depending on what you're there to do.

You may be talented at making tense situations lighter with humor. Or you may be talented at making crude and harsh realities have a fabric of magic to them or of enchantment. Or maybe you're the kind that can boost people's abilities. For example, you can lead them to think or feel more deeply, to expand their horizons, or to be more flexible or more firm in their views and opinions. Or you help rid them of their inhibitions so that they unleash more of their potential. You could as well be the one that shifts attitudes, so that is someone is negative or closed about something, they may be more positive and open.

Sometimes, all that it takes is to show up as yourself, strongly radiating what you have within you, and that will be contagious enough. But other times, it takes a bit more labor than that and it is a more meticulous and sophisticated task. You may have to put yourself in the shoes of others, reading the room. Meet them where they are mentally and emotionally (spiritually, too) and then move from there through the pathways available. Basically becoming them and walking their walk.

Rightfully so, however, not everyone is welcoming of this. Particularly if you try to be stealth and sneaky about it, where there’s no form of consent to it, it can rub others the wrong way and make them guarded or even defensive. Because being moved by another is not something everyone signs up for and is trusting of. Some may specially resent it and accuse you of intents worse than they actually are because they are uncomfortable with allowing forces out of their control to determine any of their states. But when people are self-aware and have achieved some level of dominion over their own states, then what you do or don't do doesn't necessarily affect them. They can choose what will, when and how. And you become instead a catalyst that they can decide whether or not will prompt them.

At its best, it is a power that can alter situations as well as activate more of the humanity in others. And much, much more.