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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Points on Resonance

 #1  If you’re not being genuine, your chances of resonating with others and the levels on which you do are reduced. Fabrications do not touch and move people the same way. Even with fiction, some life must be breathed into it for it to carry meaning.

 #2   People have several layers. We are also composed of many different aspects of ourselves. When you resonate with someone, you may be speaking to a part of them that is buried within, somewhere between their core and their surface. This can cause a domino effect in their being or barely shake them - but still light them up in some regard.

 #3  Resonating with others is often used as a manipulative tactic. But this isn’t advisable for many reasons. One would be because it harms you, too. Not only them. In the sense that it keeps you from building true connections with people, and you remain isolated and alone as you attempt to play the puppeteer. It is a poor use of your time and energy.

 #4  Resonating with someone on some level, unlocks their ability to relate, to be open to what you have to say or show them. It can make them more impressionable and susceptible, too. This can be exploited and therefore it is to be expected that some would be guarded and skeptical when it happens.

 #5  Finding someone that you can resonate with can be like finding a soulmate. Especially if you are of the rare kind and rarely experience that, it can seem extra significant. And sometimes it is, indeed, a meaningful encounter. But whether that is the case or not will depend on more.