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Sunday, July 30, 2023

Barbie Me

I did it. I finally dressed up as a made-up character to belong in the Barbie World and make my inner child happy! I was going for something that could capture who I am but still be altered enough by the circumstances of a different universe. And also tropical and a tad alternative, for Summer time!

Those shorts are some of my favorites and I noticed that they have all "my colors" (see Study Room's categories) except for red and purple. So I had to take it to mean that Contemplation and Power are pretty much missing in her life. And with pink being predominant, it's like she's Beach Glamour Barbie or something!

So, anyway, did I pull it off? 😁 

For the sake of keeping the cosplay, here are separate shots of all that went into it: Sunglasses, hair (couldn't style it as I wished so let's pretend it was breezy and sunny at the imaginary beach!), and makeup. Clothes (I'm wearing sandals with them). Nails. Bracelets. And Earrings.

I was actually shocked to see those earrings in the Barbie movie, which was what motivated this dressup! More to like them for.

I was so exhausted that week, but I'm glad I still found it in me to do this. 😊
(Color vividness and temperature are modified, but they're still pretty candid pictures. Nevermind my actual paleness, I would have gotten a tan if I had realized beforehand it was like that.)