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Sunday, April 16, 2023

What Drives You?

What gets you going? What tempts, compels, and propels you into action? Are you stuck and stagnant? Or simply letting things pass you by?

You can call it laziness, but that may be an oversimplification of what is actually happening. Certainly, there are people that by nature are more active than others. At least visibly. Maybe even have more trouble remaining still than remaining in motion. However, usually, something is lacking if we’re apathetic.

Besides making sure that you have rested enough, are well-fed and hydrated, and have done the required exercises to get yourself flowing, you may want to check on your thoughts and feelings. They could be holding you back and weighing you down. Furthermore, your beliefs. These have tremendous power to either limit or free you. And you may have to dig deep to access and alter them. How neat and tidy you and your space are can also majorly affect your will.

That being in order, it is known that there are mainly 2 motivators: Fear and Desire. Nevertheless, these can be further broken down and can take several forms. Also, should be interpreted in their wider definitions. But essentially, Fear pushes you away from a point and Desire pulls you closer to a point.

They are not necessarily mutually exclusive and at opposite ends either. For example, you may fear missing out on something while simultaneously desiring to engage with that something. In such a case, both fear and desire are leading you to the same point while being closely related to that point. Alternatively, they may seem separate and at a distance from each other. For example, you may fear the repercussions of missing an appointment while desiring the potential benefits of making it there. Or one instead of the other. But in reality, it gets much more complex than that and there could be numerous fears and desires at play at the same time, pushing and pulling in different directions, from and to different points.

They may be subconscious and operate subtly in the background or come into awareness as more pressing matters. Thus, bringing them to light is recommendable, to decide what to keep and what to discard, as well as how much priority they should have. Within them, could be emotional and mental forces. Such as love, hate, joy, sadness, anger, contentment, etc. Or intrigue, fascination, bewilderment, and so on.

If these forces are significantly conflicting, they are prone to lead to self-sabotage or even self-destruction, if not just delay you. But if, instead, they are effectively aligned, they could feed into each other and basically make you unstoppable.

Sorting them out might not be an easy job. And it could take from days to years to optimize them to satisfaction. But it is something that, if you cannot take the time fully for it, you can gradually do it on the side while you carry on with current responsibilities and commitments. Reflecting here and there and making small adjustments within and outside of yourself.

Furthermore, it is important to identify what, overall, are your most powerful drivers. They may be circumstantial and dissipate upon serving their purpose, or they may be ingrained and forever with you. In either case, taking advantage of them will be favorable.