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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Points on Inspiration

 #1  Inspiration is a surge of energy, possibly overflowing, that allows you to make art with ease by adequately utilizing your capabilities to channel it.

 #2  When you make art while inspired, the process is more enjoyable and may even tune out everything else that could obstruct or distract you. Your best works may happen while you’re inspired.

 #3  You can find inspiration in other works of art, but you can also draw it from the universe, the world, life, people, and your own self. Sometimes it even comes in dreams.

 #4  For steady and consistent work, discipline is more reliable than motivation. Yet, motivation can be more constant and less elusive than inspiration. Relying solely on inspiration can lead to unpredictable results unless you can count on your ability to actively and repeatedly get it.

 #5  Reference and inspiration are not the same. When you use something as a reference, you are using it to copy, compare, or contrast traits and attributes. When it is for inspiration, it is so it will spark or prompt something new and different by taking it in and letting it pass through you.