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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Points on Fuel

 #1  Many different things can fuel you into motion and manifestation. Some are more effective than others, depending, and they all have pros and cons. They also have varying types and degrees of risk.

 #2  What fuels you will be present, in one way or another, in what you do and make. Even when it has been heavily transformed or covered, some traces may remain. But in any case, its existence cannot be fully erased from your work. Only denied (which isn’t very advisable).

 #3  Fuel may take over you to the point where you become a medium for it rather than its owner. You may still have some control over it, but it can be overpowering. As though something, for better or for worse, possessed you.

 #4  Not everything goes, but a lot does. Destructive, negative, and other questionable and reprimandable energies may be valid or even essential in certain circumstances.

 #5  Works that are not fueled by much can come across as empty, shallow, and lacking in substance. And many will pick up on this.