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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Points on Authenticity

 #1  Some people are more inclined to authenticity than others. More dependent on it, even. While being adaptable and a “social chameleon” may work well for some, to the degree where it’s as though that’s who they are and they are not forcing or missing anything, it can be unbearable to others who experience more of a need to express themselves whether it is or it is not in accordance with their surroundings. They may try to fit in and pass as what is expected, but this usually doesn’t last long for it puts a significant strain on them.

 #2  Authenticity does not guarantee popularity. In fact, it may be quite polarizing (making you strongly liked and strongly disliked). What authenticity guarantees is merely the chance to resonate and connect with others on a real and raw level. Who you are as your authentic self may attract or repel others, as your true traits, values, and principles become evident to either welcome or reject. Yet, this doesn’t mean that they must all be static and forever set in stone. If you’re still healing and growing, they will change. Which may cause you to lose and/or gain people. 

 #3  Being authentic can be difficult when you are concerned about how acceptable your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are. Whether they are justified or even have a right to exist. If you deviate from the norm or were conditioned to believe that it is only okay to live within a very constrained parameter, you would naturally be reluctant to act outside of that if you fear the consequences or are not equipped to handle them, whatever they may be.

 #4  Not every time and place merits authenticity. It is important to be yourself, honest and sincere, but sometimes something bigger than that is at stake. Maybe you are in a complex situation that can pose a serious threat to your wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, or of something else that also matters greatly. Sometimes you must leave or change the situation before you can be more open.

 #5  When you’re authentic, you allow yourself to grow. Inauthenticity blocks the flow inside and outside of you that promotes genuine growth as a person. You may go through life refining your disguise and assuming that that’s equivalent to growth, but it is not. Who you are and who you were born to become remain trapped in arrested development.